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Mission & Purpose

Mission Statement: Arkansas Association for Women Veterans is to serve as an advocate for Arkansas women veterans. AAWV will empower our women veterans with information about their benefits, opportunities, and programs that are available to ensure their success. AAWV will be the voice to our community for and about our women veterans.

Statement of Purpose: The AAWV recognizes that there are issues unique to women veterans and their families and it is important that there be an organization in place design to assist in dealing with those issues. The AAWV was formed to empower and inform women veterans regarding benefits, opportunities, networking, and programs to which they may be entitled and provide a voice of advocacy. Through this empowerment it is the hope and practices of this organization that women veterans will serve as examples to our state, their families, and the respective military components of which they served. AAWV will strive to inform the communities at large about the issues and challenges that women veterans face, as well as ways that the community can serve as a support mechanism for women veterans.
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