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To all women who have served our great nation, thank you for your service to our country. This site is dedicated to Arkansas women Veterans and the friends and families that make up the support network that help the women who serve our nation.

Saute to you Women Veterans

The Arkansas Association for Women Veterans was organized in recognition of the sacrifices, difficulties, and issues our women Veterans face that are unique to them as women. With the understanding that the transition from military service to civilian service can be difficult and oftentimes confusing, the AAWV and this website have been designed to help provide answers and possibilities; we also offer education and resources and information for our women Veterans, as well as a links to many other sites, in order to assist our women veterans in navigating the processes and procedures before, during, and after their military service and transition.
Women currently make up 15 percent of our active duty, guard and reserves. There are approximately 1.8 million women Veterans, which currently comprises close to 8 percent of the total 23 million veterans nationwide. Projections by the Veterans Administration estimate that women Veterans will comprise a total 10 percent of the total Veteran population by 2020.

For many of these Veterans, as women, one of their biggest hurdles is that of being less likely to have military service recognized or appreciated. Many do not see themselves as being the Veterans they are. We are working to change that perception.


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